New Church Fund Raising Q&A

Pledge and Payment Method

Q. Where can I find the pledge form?
A. Please download pledge form here or use the form at the church office. You can also use the online pledge form.

Q. How can I submit the pledge form?
If you are using paper pledge form, you can use the new church pledge box at the church entrance, monthly offering box at the church officen or handin the form to the church office security. If you are using online pledge form, pressing "Submit" button makes the submission.

Q. Tell me about the payment methods.
A. You can pay by cash, check, stock, or automatic bank withdraw (to be setup in future date). When you are writing check, please make the check payable to "HKMCC".

Q. How can I donate by stock?
A. You can transfer the stock directly from your brokerage to DSJ broker account. The detail step by step instruction and account information are available in Gifts of Stock Transfers Instructions. Please pledge $ amount and calculate the number of stock shares at the time of the transfer. At the time of stock transfer, please make sure to note that the donation is for HKMCC and notify church office.

Q. Can I get a receipt when I pay by cash?
A. Church office will provide the receipt for the cash payment upon request.

Pledge and payment deadline

Q. Should I make the pledge and payment at the same time?
A. No. payment can be done separately from pledge. You can specify installment plan to meet your need.

Q. When is the pledge deadline?
A. The degree of new church remodeling is based on the total amount of the pledge (not on the amount of the payment). We plan to start the remodeling in February 2013. To allow time for the permit, design, and planning, we prefer your pledge by the end of November 2012. We request to complete pledge by the end of December 2012.

Q. Should I make the first payment in 2012?
A. To meet the remodeling schedule, we appreciate your early payment. We hope the last payment can be made by the end of 2015. Please note that the pledge form needs to be submitted by the end of 2012.

Q. Should I make the last payment before the end of 2015?
A. It is not a strict deadline, but early payment will make the remodeling process more streamlined.

Q. Should I make the payment as scheduled in the pledge form?
A. You will specify the payment schedule by the "month and amount" (e.g., "Payment of $1000 in February 2013"). We hope the amount will be paid on the scheduled month. However, again, it is not a strict deadline.

Pledge Amount

Q. What is the recommended pledge amount?
A. We suggest 12% of annual gross income to pledge. This is equivalent to 3% per year for four years. For example, a family with $100,000 annual income (before tax), the suggested pledge amount would be $12,000.

Q. Should I follow the percentage printed on the pledge form?
A. The percentage printed on the pledge form is a recommendation. But please understand that we will need significant large amount of money during the initial stage of the remodeling. The recommend schedule is 30% for 2012, 30% for 2013, 20% for 2014, and 20% for 2015.