03. Youth Vincentian Site (청소년 빈첸시안 나눔터)

찬미 예수님

As a result of the Holy Korean Martyrs Conference of SVDP’s interest in the youth (grades 6-12), the Youth Vincentian program was founded on March 1, 2014!

On March 1st, we created approximately 600 Lent alms bags. These were to help the people of the Holy Korean Martyrs Catholic Church to celebrate Lent. The alms bag were created with help by our Sister, who made the wooden crosses inside. We distributed these bags before and after mass on March 1st and March 2nd.

The following are the actions the Youth Vincentians are planning to take.

  • The collection of empty cans, water bottles, canned foods, recollection of Lent alms bags, parking lot sale in August.
  • Community service, charity events, concerts, and bazaars.
  • Computer training for senior citizens
  • Outreach to the homeless and holiday food

Event photos and videos:

This is a video about the Youth Vincentians.

This is a video of a presentation to the youth of the Holy Korean Martyrs Catholic Church.

Youth Vincentian Application Form

If you are interested in joining the Youth Vincentian’s mission to serve God, Please fill out all the fields in this online application form!!

Youth Vincentian Photo Album
Youth Vincentian Bulletin Board
Staff of Youth Vincentian
  • President of Youth Vincentian - Kim William, Ham Jiheon
  • Chair of Youth Vincentian PTA - Park Miyoung(408-516-6564), You Youngmi(510-299-0052)